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Sacred Language of Light
Merkabah Vehicles 
 Preparing for the 2nd Earth
Guest Lecture:  Victoria Liljenquist


Join Victoria Liljenquist, Award Winning Documentary Film Producer/UFO & Angelic Contactee, International TV/Radio Guest Lecturer, Clinical Therapist, and Recording Artist, for an inspiring and profound presentation of Victoria’s personal Encounters with Angels, Other Dimensions and UFOs, captured on film.

Learn of the “Special Messages” and visions revealed to Victoria during her Encounters regarding the “Transformation and Arrival of Our 2nd New Earth.”  As you witness on live video the incredible UFOs, Saucers, and Merkabah Vehicles, your Third Eye shall be activated from the energy transmitted from the film.  You will see appearing within the vehicle, amazing pictographic and Star Gate images with ancient symbols revealing the “Sacred Language of Light.”  This Language of Light is projected from a spectacular 10-pronged spinning Merkabah Vehicle and holds specific keys to our transformational growth.  Footage of large Mother Ships and incredible daytime encounters in Pagosa Springs, CO will be shared!  Victoria has taken many witnesses out for sightings and is working on establishing a “Galactic City of Light” in Pagosa Springs, CO.  Having a special gift of perfect pitch, Victoria sings the ships in for group encounters.

Seventeen years of encounters, photography and discoveries, Victoria has found direct correlation with information contained in Dr. J. J.  Hurtak’s Book of Knowledge: The Keys of EnochShe received world-wide acknowledgment during the 2002 World Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, after predicting that a UFO Sighting would occur over Salt Lake City, during the games. This prediction was based on a vision shown to her during childhood 35 years prior to the event, and occurred on the précise day and time predicted.  Double Orb Vehicles appear consistently, which Victoria feels is a profound message of her 1997 vision of the 2nd Earth, which is merging with us now. 

It is time to “Remember who we are”, to understand how we are connected to the Universe and to our families of other Worlds. Vital information of the unfolding of great events to come, transforming our present world will be discussed. 

Victoria invites attendees (if possible) to bring a non-perishable food donation which she will donate to the local food bank.

Interested individuals to receive a private sessions with Victoria in the Event City may contact her to schedule an appointment.
(970) 731-1641 or Cell: 602-361-1668.  Email:

Victoria (residing in Pagosa Springs, Colorado) is a gifted Therapist for 30 years, and serves as a Conduit of Light Healing Practitioner, a Visionary, Clairaudient, prayer minister, Intuitive, and Clinical Hypnotherapist.  “Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages” 44 min. film is available on DVD, along with Victoria’s healing music.

May we embrace not only Peace on Earth, but also Peace in the Universe!